6 months old today! : the most popular articles so far


The Badger’s Sett is 6 months old today! Thanks everyone for continuing to check in – it’s been a lot of fun.

For your delectation, here are the ten most popular articles to have appeared so far:

1. Friday Cartoon: On the Brain – Mrs Martha Ricks – Phil May’s Cartoon captures the heart of the amazing story of Martha Ricks, a woman that grew up a slave on a plantation in Eastern Tennessee who eventually accomplished her lifelong dream of meeting Queen Victoria.

2. From the Bookshelf: The Sign of Four – Pitman’s Shorthand Edition – A look at one of my favourite curios, a copy of the famous Sherlock Holmes story, written in Pitman’s shorthand. The ultimate mystery-solver written up in code!

3. The Badger’s Literary Pilgrimage: The Library at Trinity College Dublin – My visit to one of the most beautiful libraries in the United Kingdom.

4. From the Bookshelf: The Secret Garden – Francis Hodgson Burnett (Second Impression, 1912)  – a wonderfully illustrated copy of a magical children’s book.

5. From the Bookshelf: Whiston’s Josephus: The Excelsior Edition (c.1900, Nimmo) – a very pretty edition of Flavius Josephus’ classic work.

6. Accidental Adventures with Books: The Faerie Queene – what happened when I took the Faerie Queene as my sole piece of reading material on a trip to Mongolia

7. The Moral of My Fair Lady –  my own realisation in regard to the meaning behind the classic musical and play.

8. The Badger’s Literary Pilgrimage: Senate House, Malet Street – the story behind the building that inspired “The Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s classic 1984.

9. Monday Cartoon: Fussy Old Lady – another great piece from my favourite Victorian cartoonist, Phil May.

10. The Wednesday Read: They Way We Shall Live Soon (June 28, 1890) – an incredibly foresighted article from Punch, predicting the present. Amazingly similar to Wallace and Gromit.

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